BSG Online Game – Economic Stages Part One – Boom Times

After playing hundreds of rounds of BSG, I’ve seen what typically happens to the industry average at every step of the game. There are several factors that can create highly profitable boom times and terrible downturns that cause people to go bust. The biggest of these factors are exchange rates, industry capacity (and, by default, shoe supply), and the aggressiveness of industry competitors.

Usually at the start of a new game due to everyone’s newness and very rarely after that is what I like to call “soft”, “good” or “boom” years. The general strategy for this type of year is to collect as much net income as your company can absorb and make good use of the year’s 안전놀이터 opportunities.

These are the key factors to keep in mind during boom years. Positive exchange rates generally help the entire industry improve. A good balance between supply and demand allows for a future of growth for companies with a smart mindset. But best of all…it’s when other companies just aren’t very aggressive or don’t understand what they’re doing, making them perfect targets to DOMINATE!

It is from the Boom Years that your company can really move forward and gain huge advantages over the competition that can ensure future victories in more difficult years. Unfortunately, boom years can be very rare and companies often have to deal with “bad” years or recessions that make up most of the game.

Although the aggressiveness of the competitors may increase as the game continues and the capacity of the industry may never be healthy again. Exchange rates sometimes act as a small financial oasis in the midst of a recession acting as a mini boom in the face of adverse circumstances.